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[Women In Tech] Aurelie Wen, Managing Director North America at Agorize

Aurelie is an entrepreneur who is passionate about open innovation. A daughter of Chinese immigrants, she studies literature, philosophy, and foreign languages in Paris before working in export, audit, translation, and today, in the tech industry.

In 2017, she moves to Montreal and creates the North American office of her startup. She has signed contracts with 15 corporations in Canada and the U.S. over her first year there. She now actively contributes to making Agorize the leader of open innovation challenges.

"The more diverse a team is, the better chances for them to win." says Aurelie Wen, Managing Director North America at Agoriz.

In this video, Aurelie shares:

- What is special about Agorize

- Why it is important to have more women in the tech industry

- Her experience and perspectives in the tech industry

- What she would say to the 20-year-old herself

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