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[Global Vision] Harold Dumur, Founder & CEO at OVA: Don't Ask For Money!

"OVA ( has built StellarX. StellarX is the WordPress of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR)", says Harold, "It is my third startup. It was based on the video game called Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2. In this video game, there is a map where you can create your own skate park. Based on that dream where you can create your own skate park, I want to create this world building tool, just like Minecraft, but with real 3D objects." Harold summarized that StellarX is a tool for non-programmers that want to create an immersive world.

Harold has his perspectives and strategies towards the talents and resources in the U.S., China and Canada. He thinks that U.S. people have the vision on how to scale a business, China has a huge market while Quebec has a culture of creativity. Harold explains that his strategy is to find a way, in the trifecta, to use Quebec's creativity, the culture of scalability of the west coast of the U.S. and the huge market of China.

Harold has traveled for business a lot. He has been to China at G20 with Justin Trudeau, during which he won the competition for the best startup. "Based on that success, I got this fist investor, HTC VIVE", says Harold, "So I think that Chinese market is not just huge, but if you find the right partner, it is like throwing a big rock in a lake. it will make a lot of echo. If you go there alone, and you throw a single rock, just like pff... and nothing." This vivid expression has described Harold's experience in China.

When we ask Harold to give advice to graduates who are hesitating between a stable job and start his or her own business, Harold answered right away that he would suggest to go for a mature business at first. Harold says: "Gain some experience. Do some spying on the best practices and bring that knowledge and also this "posture" business in his resume to use to leverage with the investors."

The last question we asked is what he would tell to the 20-year-old himself. Harold says: "If I have to go back, I will be less lazy and start networking much more sooner." He says he would started networking at the beginning of university.

"Don't ask for money. Ask for advice and then the money will come." This is a piece of advice for young entrepreneurs, from Harold Dumur, the CEO and Founder at OVA.

It was quite a pleasant experience interviewing Harold. He is a very kind and intelligent person to communicate with, as well as a very modest entrepreneur. When the interviewer made a comment that many young people will see him as being what they want to become in 3-5 years, he was smiling and implied that he still needs to learn a lot.

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