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[Global Vision] Frédérique Lissoir, Partner at Propulsio 360

Frédérique Lissoir is a lawyer specialized in helping start-ups. She is also a business consultant. The entrepreneurs she works with come from all fields including tech companies, startups in agriculture and retail. As Vice-President of regional development (Entrepreneurship) at the Regroupement des Jeunes Chambres de Commerce du Québec (RJCCQ), Frédérique has the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs from all over the country and to discuss successes and challenges they face while growing their business. Also, Frédérique will represent Canada as a Canadian Delegate at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance, in Berlin, in June 2017. Her knowledge of technology, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity make her a modern attorney and a great promoter of innovation.

"Girl, keep going! It's gonna be hard but you are gonna make it!" This is what Frédérique Lissoir would tell herself if she could go back to 20-year-old.

During the interview, Frédérique shares:

- What is special about Propulsio

- Her perspective about cultural differences

- Advice to Canadian startups who want to go overseas

- What she would say to the 20-year-old herself

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